Shave Ice

Hawaiian Shave Ice

Hawaiian <br>Shave IceBack in 2012, when the company changed its name in 2012, it was the Hawaiian shave ice that made Aloha, ‘ALOHA’. Offering just 5 flavors at the time, the company we simply wanted to offer our mini-golf customers a refreshing ‘snow-cone’ or ‘icee’ treat to battle against the summer heat. The response was tremendous.

Within 2 seasons the Aloha service window featured a huge 6’ x 8’ menu board featuring over 50 flavors of shave ice. Flimsy paper ‘cones’ gave way to Styrofoam cups that maintained the ice longer in the summer heat.

Hawaiian <br>Shave Ice
New flavors like sours of every type, bubble gums, cotton candies-as well as all your favorites like tiger blood, blue raspberry and pina colada were added. Now, in addition to possibly winning a free round of mini-golf at the end of your rounds, you could also win a free Hawaiian shave ice at the end of your round! You loved it, and we have been doing it better and better ever since!
Hawaiian <br>Shave Ice
The shave ice is also a great addition to a birthday party or group outing you may have in mind. These are not your typical ‘snow cones’. Although we do not use ice cream or cream toppings, the finely shaved ice packs explosive flavor that can only be described in words as a Luau Party for your mouth! We offer over 40 explosively-flavored syrups which are hand-made and produced fresh daily using only 100% pure cane sugar.

Hawaiian <br>Shave Ice
We know ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup and shelf-life preservatives are to be avoided by you or your kids. So we keep this OFF of Aloha’s menu board. We also offer sugar-free syrups made with Stevia natural sweetener, upon request. Coupled with the smooth fluffy ice, shaved to order, and you are now enjoying the delicious treat that Aloha’s loyal customers have been craving all winter long!
Hawaiian <br>Shave Ice
We are the first shave ice stand in the St. Louis area to open up in the spring (March 1 or earlier), and we are the last to close each season (Halloween and beyond). Since 2017, Aloha customers get their Hawaiian shave ice even quicker with the addition of a new double service window. Mahalo!

Hawaiian Shave Ice Flavors

  • 1. Pineapple
  • 2. Banana
  • 3. Sour Pineapple
  • 4. Blue Hawaiian
  • 5. Blue Raspberry
  • 6. Blue Cotton Candy
  • 7. Sour Blue Raspberry
  • 8. Pina Colada
  • 9. Wedding Cake
  • 10. Pink Lemonade
  • 11. Pink Bubblegum
  • 12. Orange
  • 13. Dreamsicle
  • 14. Peach
  • 15. Mango
  • 16. Sour Mango
  • 17. Coke
  • 18. Dr. Pepper
  • 19. Root Beer
  • 20. Grape
  • 21. Lemon Lime
  • 22. Green Apple
  • 23. Sour Green Apple
  • 24. Bahama Mama
  • 25. Jolly Rancher
  • 26. Strawberry Daquiri
  • 27. Wild Cherry
  • 28. Black Cherry
  • 29. Sour Cherry
  • 30. Cherry
  • 31. Strawberry
  • 32. Watermelon
  • 33. Sour Watermelon
  • 34. Tiger Blood
  • 35. Raspberry Daquiri
  • 36. Passion Fruit
  • 37. Sugar Free Banana
  • 38. Sugar Free Lemon Lime
  • 39. Sugar Free Cherry
  • 40. Sugar Free Tiger Blood
  • HOURS : Mon-Thurs 4p-9p and Fri-Sat 12p-10p, Sun 12p-9p, "Open Daily Weather Permitting - Call First"

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