About us

About Us

Aloha Mini Golf & Shave Ice is a recreational facility that strives to provide world-class products and customer service that is second to none. We feel outdoor family recreation is an important part of any healthy family-oriented community like ours.

Located conveniently at the intersection of Big Bend Rd and Dougherty Ferry, the sprawling Hawaiian-themed grounds allow your worries melt into the background for a moment. All you need to do is relax and enjoy. Our goal at Aloha is to have the cleanest grounds, best kept course, highest quality shave ice, and above all, deliver great customer service. Every day, we walk the course to make sure there are no loose or dangerous objects. You should never expect trashy grounds at our facility. We also are very particular about keeping the bathrooms as clean as possible and clear the mini golf course with a leaf blower every morning.

Another thing Aloha does every morning is hand-make your 100% pure cane sugar syrups; staff can be found carefully mixing sours or bubblegums or cotton candy flavored syrup along with dozens and dozens of other spectacular flavors to put on their fluffy smoothly shaven ice. Our staff is also well aware that customer service and satisfaction is the most important part of our job. They are trained and re-trained to deliver only the best Hawaiian shave ice.
From the moment you roll down our street to our parking lot, it is the ‘Aloha Spirit’ that we intend to deliver. One that welcomes you with open arms when it’s late and you are not sure if we will stay open. A sense that, ‘This is MY back-yard with a mini golf course and a caboose!’. Our hospitality should instill an eagerness to bring friends because you KNOW Aloha is going to deliver the goods-every time.

And, of course, our staff want you to feel an almost magical spirit of great joy and appreciation for all things good in our community-every moment you are here, and beyond. We really want to make you feel you were welcome, we want you back, and we hope your day really is better afterwards.

Ma halo (Thank you).
Aloha Pete

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  • HOURS : Mon-Thurs 4p-9p and Fri-Sat 12p-10p, Sun 12p-9p, "Open Daily Weather Permitting - Call First"

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