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Thank you for your interest in having your group outing at ALOHA.  Please email to reserve space for Monday through Friday DAYTIME group outings.  Unfortunately, due to the heavy volume of our little golf course, we cannot reserve space after 5PM or on Saturday or Sunday.  It is first come, first serve on those days. Groups have never had a problem finding a nice cozy spot to enjoy ALOHA in the past.  And you may bring whatever lawn furniture you would like.  I anticipate an absolutely wonderful time for your group as well!

Okay, my friends, here is how we do this…


No need to call in advance unless it is a group of 40 or more.  Just come on down.  When you arrive, you go to the cashier window and tell them how many people are in your group.  If there are more than 10 people in your group, we give you $1 off per person.  So KIDS UNDER 10 drop to $5 each and ADULTS drop to $6 each.  Also if you have a group of 10 or more that all want our awesome ice and would like to pre-pay and get a $1.00 discount on HAWAIIAN SHAVE ICE, you just pay that when you pay for your group and the cashier will give you the exact number of TOKENS you need for each person to go to the window and get a shave ice for $1 OFF THE REGULAR PRICE.    This may sound confusing and unnecessary, but it makes it much easier than exchanging money in the window.  This way, the person paying or the group leader hands out the tokens after they golf and they can head up to the window one group at a time and quickly get their ice.   That keeps people happy.
School Group
WEEKEND/NIGHTIME GROUPS TIP:  I recommend having one person scout out a spot a short time prior to your arrival.  If we are talking 4-6, we usually slow down quite a bit (dinner time), so you should walk right in and are likely to have your pick of any spot.  If you are thinking between 6:30p – 7:30p, look out!  We tend to get completely rocked at that point.  That is just a friendly reminder.


So there it is.  Just please let us know if it ends up being more than 40 people.  We still will be ready for any size group, but a heads up is helpful.


MAHALO! (Thank you)
 -Aloha Pete


 For questions or to book groups of 40 or more EMAIL US