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Aloha Mini Golf & Shave Ice

Aloha! Putt putt or snow cones.  Miniature golf or shaved ice. Minigolf or sno cones.  Even goofy golf or icees! Please, when you are here, feel absolutely free to call Aloha’s Mini Golf & Shave Ice whatever you like!  After 8 seasons, we know this: whether it is the mom, the kids, teenagers, or your work crew. A birthday party, bachelor party, date night or even a first date.  Celebrating a returning Vet, taking dad out, or taking the whole office on a group outing. Whether you are from Ballwin or Kirkwood. Fenton, Des Peres or Manchester.  St. Charles, Arnold, or from my hometown of Eureka and beyond. When people around St. Louis get together for these two super fun and popular attractions, we are well aware they both go by several different names.  So call them what YOU like to call them. We are laid back here. There is a saying that has been around for many years, and always will, at Aloha: NO WORRIES, FRIENDS, 100%! So welcome to our website. You now have paradise at your fingertips.  Please make yourself at home. Stroll through the tabs and links to discover more about your secret tropical ‘staycation-getaway’, located right here in St. Louis County. We have evolved much over the years. Although we began our journey back in 2010, our priority has always been the same: deliver a great experience that really catches you by surprise.  Genuine hospitality is the key; we want you to feel like it is only fair that you share Aloha’s spirit with others.  More than anything, we want you and your family to want to come back yourselves.  Our job is to make it clear you are always the star of the show. Whether you are a minigolf sharpshooter or you’ve been craving one of our mouth-quenching Hawaiian shave ice flavors all day, Aloha Mini Golf & Shave Ice will always be ready.   Serving you that famous ALOHA SPIRIT is what makes us different. And nobody says ‘Mahalo’ (thank you) with genuine sincerity and gratitude like we do. With that in mind, enjoy your stay on the Aloha website.

MAHALO! -Aloha Pete